Gate controller, three-phase in sheet steel housing

The gate controller TCT®-FU3F-S is a versatile device and with its robust sheet steel housing it is specially designed for use in rough industrial environments. With the integrated keypad, the gate can be controlled directly on site, independently from a higher-level control. The plain text display helps the user keep track of information and operating instructions.
The grid connection is designed as wide voltage range three-phase and the integrated PLC interface in the form of a conventional 24 V-DIO interface provides all the required signals for the external control and querying of an external machine protection gate. The device is TÜV type-tested with its safety functionalities.


  • Mains voltage range three-phase 3 × 200–480 VAC +/-10 %, 50/60 Hz
  • Neutral conductor not required
  • ESD strength up to over 25 kV
  • Output power 2.2 kW at 100 % duty cycle
  • Electronically monitored motor brake output 24 VDC
  • Two safety inputs for safety edges, light barrier etc. Cat. 2/PLd
  • Three safety inputs for emergency stop (STOP) Cat. 3/PLe
  • Three relay outputs with changeover contacts, function parametrisable
  • 12 digital inputs 24 VDC, function parametrisable
  • 2 digital outputs 24 VDC, function parametrisable
  • 24 VDC supply for external peripherals up to 3.5 A
  • USB port for service
  • Annual time switch buffered
  • Electric connections on plug-in terminals, internal
  • Dimensions (W×H×D = 300 × 400 × 200 mm)

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