Gate controllers in customised designs

In addition to the standard designs, our product range includes special customised designs.
We produce and supply our gate controllers in special designs, adjusted to suit the needs of our customers with regard to electric interfaces, BUS capability, plug-in connections and integrated options, even in small batches or as single items.
Please ask us for advice on all the varied options!

Examples of special designs

  • PLC interface, plug-in design
  • Motor cable set, plug-in design
  • Mains power supply, plug-in design
  • Mains transformer for special mains voltages
  • Expansion cards for additional signal exchange
  • Additional assemblies, terminal blocks in the switch cabinet internally
  • Controller sheet steel cabinets in customised sizes
  • Additional control buttons/signal lamps built into switch cabinet door
  • Externally connectible control panel
  • Parametrisation of additional signals on PLC interface
  • Parametrisation of an intermediate gate position
  • Extension box for connection to ProfiNet, Profibus, Ethernet-IP etc.
  • Expansion of radio remote control for the gate function

⇒ EXCLUSIVE at Brühl! The Profinet controller.