The PerformanceLine® series represents powerful and extremely robust protection gates based on 100 % steel structures and a large number of  pecial designs such as contours in the closing edge. We develop and produce machine protection gates and safety guards that are flexible, comprehensive and, where required, entirely unique and that find a way to harmonise durability, functionality and safety. We make use of the know-how we have developed and a large number of certification and testing procedures to make our customers’ day-to-day work safer. We do this in the knowledge that
we are developing and promoting safety – for us, our customers and our partners. So that we can all be on the safe side.

Standard product characteristics for all PerformanceLine® gates

ULD® – Unwinding Locking Device
Mechanical safety system in the transmission.

Fall protection device
Highest safety standard thanks to multiple load-carriers.

Load-carrier monitoring
Electronic load-carrier monitoring for lift gates.

Counterweight equipment
Weight compensation for lift gates provided by concealed counterweights.


ECH® – Emergency Crank Handle
Manual emergency opening, e. g. for power failure, thanks to detachable crank handle.

PCS® – Position Control System
Digital absolute encoder in a robust three-phase motor for optimised drive control.

Safety switches
Safety switches reliably signal in acc. with IEC 61508 / IEC 62061 the closed gate position to the higher-level plant control.

Wide range of designs and colours
Varied panelling types for gate wings, roller gate curtains and colours.

Self-supporting structure
Solid, self-supporting steel structure for free-standing installation without additional support frame.

Closing edge protection
Closing edges protected by electric safety edges.

PerformanceLine® Roller gates

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PerformanceLine® Lift gates

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