Machine protection lift gate PerformanceLine® Single-sided offset wing - MSHT®-PL-E-V

The MSHT®-PL-E-V is a special version of the single-sided lift gate MSHT®-PL-E. The entire drive and counterweight unit is located in one single  main post. The moving gate wing moves along this post in linear guides, with an optional guide post on the opposite side preventing the gate wing from twisting out of place. This concept results in a highly compact guard gate with very few fixed parts and with no obstructive crossbars.

The customisable design of the offset gate wing contour enables use in stations with particularly limited space. The classic applications are walk-in plant stations where material is transferred in or out with overhead cranes or manipulators. The gate has a driven wing that closes either from top to bottom or from bottom to top. The closing edges are protected by electric safety edges.

Example implementations

Single-sided lift gate with offset wing shape and contour cut-out.


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