PerformanceLine® sliding gates

Brühl Safety Doors GmbH supplies a wide range of machine protection sliding gates for the diverse requirements of machinery and plants. As a result, widths of up to 6 metres and heights of up to 4.8 metres can be realised within the various series. Sliding gates generally tend to have extremely low heights, and they are thus ideal for confined height conditions. As safety equipment for power-operated sliding gates from Brühl, electric safety edges are used on the closing edges, with front-mounted safety light barriers available as an option.

At a glance: Advantages of PerformanceLine® sliding gates and swing gates

Self-supporting structure, no additional support frame required
All PerformanceLine® gates are self-supporting structures. No additional support or mounting frames are needed for freestanding installation.

Highly robust and stable thanks to steel structure
The gate header and the gate posts are composed of extremely stable welded steel structures, which means that our sliding gates can be manufactured in very large sizes.

Diverse configuration options
All sliding gates are available with a wide range of frame panelling and colours. The gates can be customised with contour cut-outs in all shapes and styles.



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