Machine protection sliding gate PerformanceLine® Two wings

The self-supporting sliding gate MSST®-PL-2-F is the two-wing variant of the sliding gate MSST®-PL. This gate is an extremely compact sliding gate design with no portal frame. With its telescoping gate wings, a large closing area is formed, combined with compact dimensions in an open state. Both the drive unit with gear motor and roller chain and the safety switch are located entirely in the gate base.
The sliding gate is available in a left-opening and a right-opening version and with a width of up to five metres.
With its structure without a portal, this gate design is the perfect solution for securing walk-in plant stations with crane or manipulator loading.
The main closing edges are protected by electric safety edges connected to the main frame of the gate by cable carriers. Optionally, the rear auxiliary closing edges are available with electric safety edges.


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