SpeedLine® Roller gates and lift gates - For speedy workflows

The SpeedLine® product series includes innovative technical safety features that set entirely new standards when it comes to machine protection. Thanks to the intelligent gate control (ISC®) with multiple-beam visual safety sensor system (SLB®) and position control system (PCS®), the SpeedLine® series is specially designed for the strictest requirements of personal safety and the shortest cycle times in automation and machine and plant engineering. The entire drive unit of the SpeedLine® gates meets the highest standards in industrial production lines. From the development phase onwards, care has been taken to ensure high technical availability and use wear-resistant components. With a SpeedLine® gate, you are purchasing a product in premium quality.

At a glance: the advantages of SpeedLine® gates

Self-supporting structure, no additional support frame required 
All SpeedLine® gates are self-supporting structures. No additional support or mounting frames are needed for free-standing installation. Gates in extra large sizes are produced with an integrated reinforcement portal as standard.

Delivered ready for use
SpeedLine® gates are delivered fully ready for use. Before dispatch, the gates are brought into a fully operational state, including the controls. This means that you receive a “turnkey” gate ready for immediate use, eliminating the need for assembly and commissioning on site.

High-speed and convenient thanks to integrated light barrier
With the high-performance asynchronous gear motor and an SLB® light barrier integrated into the plane of the gate leaf, gates in the SpeedLine® series achieve top closing speeds and provide maximum convenience and the highest level of safety as obstacles of all kinds are detected early on.

The Position Control System PCS® is installed in the motor, so the gate does not need to have a mechanical switch, which has a positive effect on gate maintenance.

Practical for attachments thanks to profile slots
Dhe gate posts of all SpeedLine® gates consist of a special aluminium profile with profile slots on the side. These slots make it possible to lay cables tidily and directly connect Brühl fence systems and are ideal for attaching holders, control buttons, display lamps etc.



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