Machine protection roller gate SpeedLine® Standard - MSRT®-SL

The roller gate MSRT®-SL with its classic design (downward-closing) offers top running speeds for minimum cycle times. With an opening speed of up to 2.0 m/s and a closing speed of 1.6 m/s, the MSRT®-SL provides the highest possible speeds of all the gates in the entire SpeedLine® series.

The special heavy duty, tear-resistant curtain material (Brühl-TEX-I) creates a secure barrier (to DIN EN 14120:2016, C.2.5.1). Forces of up to 150 joules are reliably absorbed. The polyester monofilament curtain, PVC-coated on both sides, is indented by a maximum of 200 mm when exposed to this force. The mesh material can even withstand stresses of up to 1200 joules with a sharp-edged profile.

Example implementations

MSRT®-SL with safety guard FLEX II

Machine protection roller gate MSRT®-SL

Machine protection roller gates SpeedLine® as worker protection for removable storage units

Machine protection roller gate SpeedLine® 

Roller gate MSRT®-SL in front of outward transfer


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