Machine protection roller gate SpeedLine® Bottom - MSRT®-SL-U

The upwards-closing machine protection roller gate SpeedLine® MSRT®-SL-U has no obstructions restricting the gate opening at the top – perfect for use with manipulators and loading and unloading stations for crane and robot systems. With its compact overall height, the winding box makes it possible to open the gate down to just 550 mm above the ground.

The special heavy duty, tear-resistant curtain material (Brühl-TEX-I) provides a secure barrier (to DIN EN 14120:2016, C.2.5.1). Forces of up to 150 joules are reliably absorbed. The polyester monofilament curtain, PVC-coated on both sides, is indented by a maximum of 200 mm when exposed to this force. The mesh material can even withstand stresses of up to 1200 joules with a sharp-edged profile without damage.

Example implementations

Machine protection roller gate MSRT®-SL-U


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